Legacy Playbook

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50 Days of encouragement to pass on what matters most. For men and women.
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8 reviews for Legacy Playbook

  1. Rick B.

    your devotional is easy to read, transports the reader to your world then reminds the reader (me) to my experiences that may not be exactly as yours but to memories of my life. The opportunity to listen to a specific song and reflections are good. Well done.

  2. Eric

    Excited to read the book and give the other one to my Uncle a long time fan and support of you Tom Wilson

  3. Sharon S (verified owner)

    I read about 9 days last night and just LOVED it! You are truly gifted in writing and I hope you are working in the other 315 days!!! I love how you included the song recommendations, I’d not seen that before, especially for Those who aren’t introduced-to those powerful songs! Yes, it could definitely be great for women. I was lost as to who many of the players were but it didn’t matter. Just loved loved loved it! Bless you and keep writing!!

  4. Scott P

    I’m so thankful for your book. God is using it to minister to me in ways that are powerful and valuable. Thank you.

  5. Brad N

    Jim, I’m enjoying your devotional. Your voice really shines through. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability.

  6. Dennis P

    I’m really enjoying your book. Your stories add color and life

  7. Robbie J

    Got your book and it is hard to put down, good job and great timing.

  8. Jerry

    Thanks. It is a treasure that I will be keeping close by for a long time. You have provided so much in it for practical application! Really well done!

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